Hebei Jinhuan Packaging Co.,LTD

Hebei Jinhuan Packaging Co.,LTD was founded in 1992 as a family business, and today it has become a well-known flip-off caps and aluminium caps manufacturer recognized within the pharmaceutical industry. It is the largest manufacturer in China with an output of more than 5 billion pieces annually.


Jinhuan offers innovative closure solution to customers by investing heavily on technological innovation, personnel training and facility upgrade. Jinhuan’s research and development team is able to engineer the most state-of-the-art assembly machine in-house. Also it acquired long-standing expertise in design, manufacture, installation and commission of tools and die used in plastic injection plant and stamping plant.


Jinhuan is the supplier of many distinguished pharmaceutical companies and the exclusive supplier for Pfizer and Roche in China. Jinhuan continues to acquire new expertise by joining collaborating project with pharmaceutical companies, to tackle the most difficult challenge faced by the industry. Jinhuan’s capacity for innovation, and its determination to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies to make healthcare better and safer make Jinhuan a trusted partner for all hopeful clients.